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Monday, 21 May 2018


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Written by Kancho Deena Naidu   
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 14:10

Goshin karate-do is about character development in the form of goodness lessons. As Kancho Deena Naidu say's "Character comes before karate". So we have in place an Education in Human Values and virtues program which students can follow and learn day to day development in character. It is sayings, stories and methods of how we can improve our lives. After each lesson of physical practice at home or in the dojo, we advice you to read up on these lessons so that it motivates you to stay on the path of truth, love, peace, righteousness and non violence. Please read and re-read the lessons of values and virtues as it is about keeping what you learn in the subconscious mind, as goodness within yourself and what you learn through these lessons becomes automatic. Everyone has goodness, even the worse human being, our role as teachers is to constantly promote these values to help the world become a better place. Please understand these values and virtues as shared and do your own search to improve the quality and quantity of your understanding.

First Day lesson 1A

The Value of Truth

Truth excites people who love learning, as it takes us on a path of discovery and off wisdom. Truth at the deepest level enlightens the soul to knowing itself and life that surrounds itself. What is Truth? Truth means as things really are. My teacher often used as an example, hold up a handkerchief and ask "What is this? Students response, it is an handkerchief. Yes,  let us go inside and see what it is. Let us imagine we are using an electron microscope. What do we see now. First level, threads of cotton all wound up together, then inside this fibres, then atoms, then protons, neurons, electrons, then quarks, and eventually energy. All energy, all one energy. You don't see a separation of particles or items. At the end of all that is, is One energy. That is the truth. Life is just energy made up at a surface level many different particles and components.

The value of truth reminds us all that we are all one energy in different bodies operating at different minds levels. This has grown from different experiences and influences. Each one is on a different path but the journey is the same from A to Z. From Aero when we begin life to Zero. From an exposion to an implosion. We al have different experiences, different learning curves, like the different alphabets in-between. B could be bliss, C can be chaos, D can be dangerous and E can be easy, F can be freedom and G can be ghastly, H can heaven or Hell. Everything that happens in life has a definite purpose and reason. Life does not begin at the birth of your body and end when it dies. We are on a continuim on a journey, so may your life travel on the path of truth, of discovery, we are gaining wisdom from our experiences as we travel. There are many things we have done in the past that we dare not repeat as we have gained the wisdom of Truth. We have seen what others have done that we ourselves will not attempt that is because we know that the path of Truth is not that. As we gain knowledge on our journey we get better equipt for the future. The purpose of truth is to enlighten us and there are no better teacher that the experience of bad decisions. So there are two ways of learning the truth, one is to learn it for yourself through your experience or from the wisdom of others. It is best to seek out a teacher, a mentor, and do your best in improving your education your character development, as character makes you who you are. Live the path of true knowledge and proper guidance and your life will be filled with joy. The Truth is out there and in you, your duty is to find it.

Kancho Deena Naidu.

This is just  a snippet of what truth means, my opinion on a topic the topic of truth that has brought me joy. You have a choice to give what I say some thought or Let it go over the top. What I say is not meant to govern your life. It is my candid view of what I have understood from the wisdom of my teacher.

Second Day lesson 1B

Obeying the Rules is respect for authority, respect for law, respect for life. Respect for family and for yourself. This is true love  self respect. It is when we lack love or fail to love we do things that breaks down the barriers that govern the human being to be a good person. Love is goodness. Love is obeying what is right.

Valuing Relationships

The Love is keeping close contact with those whom you love and valuing this important connection. With this kind of relationship love never losses it's grip. Love from within is more than

Everlasting Love is like a light on a candle, it shares itself and never diminishes, or extinguishes itself on its own as long as it has a body. It continues to share as long as you are ready to pass it around. One light can light an infinite number of candles. Love is the same as it everlasting and it's body is bliss.

Third Day lesson 1C

The Value of Peace

Peace is what all humans need at various times of their lives. It is when the state of mind is at rest that is not agitated by the outside happenings. Peace is about true freedom, without disturbance. So the general feeling within each human person is really peace which equates to freedom. We say ' I want my freedom'

Peace is achieved when we understand our place in the roles we play and not allow our egos get affected by experiences of lows and highs. When we looked at ourselves in terms of the universe we are so tiny, almost non-existent. So our little minds tells us that we are better than and greater than we are. So there is no reason to have an elated feeling of what we achieved or done. We must not feel that we are greater than another.

However when we examine the power of each and every atom within our being is mind boggling, so collectively it is enough to shake the entire planet in which we live. We are made of incredible energy and power. However everyone and everything is the same, just as powerful.

So to keep the ego in its place little attention must be paid any level of achievement  or how we stand in society, the money we have or don't have. Nothing comes into the equation of what and who we are, just that we are one with everyone and everything. If we allow our egos to be affected by comparisons or competitions we will have fluctuations of depressive states of the mind because we will either feel overly zealous of our achievements or the feeling of being inadequate in what we do. So the I in ego has to disappear.

The next step is want, which is really uncontrollable desire. The constant thought of wanting more and more. When this starts to grow there is no end to want. It becomes greed. It becomes a disease of the mind. It grips the mind like claws of a bear climbing up the tree. Desire through want is the worse desire of all. It converts good people into criminals, it makes those with wickedness into demons. It devolves the human into something they hate in themselves and sadly find it hard to stop.
To stop want from growing, first ask do you need it, only desire from the point of view of need is best for peace. Remove want and peace is yours, then you do not bite of more than you chew.

The next is MY. This is attachment. We do not own anything. Even our bodies detaches itself from ourselves when we leave this 3rd dimensional plane. Getting overly attached to everything we have will bring us endless agitation of the mind. I believe to bring real peace, it to remove the I called the ego, want called uncontrollable desire and attachment in the form of my house, my car, my this and my that. Then we have Peace.

Fourth Day lesson 1D

The Value of Right Conduct

Right conduct is about living righteously by following the rules of life. We all have roles we play, for instance I am a father, a son, a teacher, a community resident and also a part of this planet. We all have duties for the roles we play. These roles have to be played out with righteousness. We need to think deeply about our roles and play them according to the rules that governs them within our own consciousness. Right conduct is doing the right thing. We must think often of the other persons and if roles were reversed how would would we like it played out. The laws of the universe is that every action has a reaction greater than itself. The more we think about it, the better our actions and reactions to others.

Fifth Day Lesson 1E

The Value of Non-Violence

Non - Violence refers to physical, mental and emotional behavior and attitudes.  Respect towards all forms of life is essential as this is part of humanism. We are spiritual beings having a human journey. The spirit within us is love. With love how can violence exist. Use of bad language is unnecessary even in humour it is not good, as it will  dehumanize the human character. Bad language is not good and often used in violent behaviour. Emotional violence are worse that Physical violence as it creates mental scars that lasts for much longer, sometimes a life time. Non violent behavior under most circumstances are the best attitude. Take the best path and treat even those who angry as pleasantly as possible.

We must extend this non violent attitude to nature and the environment as well. Killing for the purpose of pleasure is not a good thing. Each time we kill we are taking away a life from a being that has come to experience life in that form. Killing and protecting yourself from injury is not violent, this means Self defence and self preservation.


The Value of Love

Love is the essence of who you are. Everyone wants to be loved and everyone shares love with those around them. We are the embodiments of love. Love binds us to everything and everyone. Nothing can exist with love. It has the highest level of vibration that heals, breaks down barriers, changes minds, removes fear and makes enemies friends.

Love is L- Living righteously, O - obeying the rules, V- Valuing relationships. E- Everlasting.

Living righteously is the aim of all good humans. Many years ago I had a very notorious gang captain bring his son to learn karate from me. I asked him why me and not some other school. He said because you teacher character development, you teach people how to be good. He then continued to say he wants his son to grow up good and not live his life. So you see living righteously is the way.


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