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Thursday, 26 Apr 2018


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Background Information.

The unique art of Goshin Karate-do is very rare in this modern world. Our art is nothing short than a complete and holistic way of practicing a traditional art called Karate-do. In the topics that follow we give meaning and reasons for what and how we practice our art. It is easy to practice a fighting form that promotes violence because little control of the mind is needed. Ours is an art that comes from the heart of the most high and goes to the heart of those in need.

Our path is not easy as we have to develop our mind to gain and retain the ability of self control and self discipline. Traditional karate-do such as with Goshin, the physical practice in conjunction with our mental training and spiritual development are required. Train physically develops strength, agility, a great level of fitness, as well as the most important aspect which is self defence. The mental training is all about traditional discipline. Finally on the spiritual level we have to increase our capacity to love everyone including those who harm us. To live in peace with our selves by not becoming attached to the world that we have no control over. we learn to improve that which are our responsibilities and duties. Our main drive is to improve our character at the highest level in the shortest time we have in this world.

Many say I was very lucky to have spent many years of training with the great Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei. I believe that there is no such thing as luck. Everything happens for a reason and everything happens for the best. It is said "when the student is ready the teacher will appear." All those connected to Goshin Karate-do is meant to be with us, whether this is through physical contact or through other means such as the internet. My teachings are from my teacher, I am just a messenger of my teacher and a servant of my students. I do not claim to be a master, only God is a Master.

My role is to share knowledge that has been handed down to me through a great linage of traditional teachers. This will not just to improve your karate abilities but to improve your life as a human being. One thing is certain we all have room to improve. I believe that we we learn to become better humans through many sources, Goshin karate-do will enhance the good teachings and your development.

My life has never been the same from the time I started the art till now. I must admit it was a slow and gradual change much like the karate-do that I practice. Slow change is good it is said, as it is permanent. In our school, we do not create teachers and masters as soon as they wear a black belt or have some honorary grade. We are careful that students do not become teachers before they can crawl, or proclaim to be masters before they can walk. Those who seek to become a master must first master their own mind and not be a slave to it. Those who want to be teachers must first kill their own ego and lead by example.

Karate-do, the Goshin karate-do way does not do any form of tournaments or competitions. Whom are we competing against? There is always better as there are those who are worse than you. The strengths or failings that you have are in everyone to a greater or lessor degree. When we compete with others, is it to satify the mind or the spirit? The danger of ego development is that it attracts negative energies. To become the best you can be is a spiritual development. If through your quest to do well for yourself is better than most, your mind is not affected by ego and humility is your nature.

Modern science tells us that our bodies every 6 months changes, new cells appear and old cells are discarded. It strangely enough, moves off to be a part of someone or something else and we have bodies that contains new cells. The air that you breathe, goes down the wind pipes of other humans or into plants, or even other forms of nature and living creatures. The water we drink has been recycled many times over. Life and all that is around you is part of one great energy that appears in different forms. I believe in the understanding that life as one energy. We are all one.

Goshin kan Junior dojo kun states " We must think good, be good and do good. " We repeatedly say this because goodness drives us all forward to a higher level of vibration. Goodness in its purest form has the highest vibrations, embrace it and nurture it within yourself. This is the way of Goshin kan, this is karate-do. Goshin kan is not a fighting art, it is a defence against those who choose to harm you. Our art form teaches us to use it in defence according to our learning and not harm people unnecessary. The different stages of practice teaches us this and we only apply the correct means of defence to suit the aggression.

Join in and become a member of our unique school of Karate-do. You will get the advantage of proper messages and methods of learning. If it is meant for you and if you are ready I am happy to share. Send me an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it I am in search of good organizations and people.

A simple mind once said, "The world needs change and it starts with you at this very moment." He continued to say, " Recap, Rethink, Re-evaluate your life and take on the challenges that meets you everyday of your life with love.

Kancho Deena Naidu

Graduate of the Japan karate-do College - Tokyo April 1976

Direct student of Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei