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Thursday, 26 Apr 2018


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Friday, January 02, 2009

Wakako Shihan and Kancho Deena Naidu at the college in Tokyo. Gratitude to Wakako San, I am so grateful to Wakako Shihan for her expert advice and help in my development of Kata. I regard her as one of the finest teachers in Kata.

During my visit to Japan recently I caught up with Wakako San. She had a lot of good things to say about my path in karate-do and she also said that I was so different to all the others that came to the college. Besides physical karate, mine was spiritual quest, she said. I told her that Gogen Sensei had a lot to do with my spiritual development and the way I looked at life. She told me that her family and her loved me and I told her that I also loved them greatly. I told her that I still have the precious gifts that the family gave of her father’s memorabilia. Thank you Wakako San for everything you have done for me.