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Saturday, 24 Mar 2018


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As far as we understand, the original and traditional symbol of Goju Ryu is that of the fist of Chojun Miyagi, which was hand drawn by Kancho Deena Naidu's  teacher Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei.Goshin-kan karate has chosen this symbol because it is more than a symbol representing karate on the physical level. It is a symbol that indicates goodness because it embraces the five human values of Truth, love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non- Violence. Goshin-kan is a new beginning with traditional ideas for a modern society. Traditional Karate is the soul which symbolizes truth. This is unchangeable. However, the values we teach allows us to develop both mentally and spiritually. To do this we have to have the mind of a child in terms of learning. This attitude enables us to become humble and free ourselves of ego. When this happens, our own intellect, wisdom and the openness to learn gives us the power to develop at a great pace. Awareness gives us the understanding to know what is true and what is false.

The two of the the three parts of who we are, are in operation here which is the head and the heart. The heart which is symbolic of the spirit and the head which is symbolic of the mind. The head is that which has to develop and the heart which has grown from wisdom. One cannot learn anything without being humble. As one master once said, 'a cup cannot be filled if it is not empty.' In the same way our symbolic fist is indicative of a new beginning which gets its strength from acceptance which means  openness to learn.

The Goshin Kan fist has a number of meanings on many levels. We will share with the reader some of its meanings. For instance the hand embraces the five Human Values. Each finger and its thumb has one value, which are Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non Violence.


This means, as things really are. In the deepest essence of all things is found truth. Sometimes what appears on the surface many not necessary be the truth. Then it may have a certain kind of truth that may be necessary for ones own understanding at that particular time. For instance Sensei always uses this example. He says a cloth is made of cotton. So one viewing it who does not seek deeply says, 'this is a cloth.' That is the truth at that level. However, within it is found another level of understanding. Through science we discover it is made up of billions of molecules. Then more deeply we find that within it is found atoms which contains, protons, neutrons and electrons etc. There are other structures with these. However, found deep within that is energy. This energy he says is God. So the essence of all things is God. This is the truth. On the surface, one's truth may not necessary be the same as that of others. However, if one searches deep enough one will discover truth that is the same for everyone. One cannot move away from this truth. It will always be there. Even if people try to change it will always be present. It also means that all of life is connected to one spirit which is God.


It is that which embraces all of life in goodness and brotherhood. By the power of love everyone is connected to each other through thought, word and deed. It is a caring energy and feeling for each other immaterial of external differences such as race, religion, creed or nationality. Everyone has love however, sometimes the ego, which is the feeling of individuality and that of separation, steps into one's life and creates differences for its own glory and satisfaction. If one creates the feeling of animosity or bad feeling to another, it is only themselves that has created pain for themselves. Love is the binding agent that makes everything good happen. It is God. God is love and love is God.


This is what everyone seeks. The best way to have peace is to view all our experiences with equanimity. This means that we do not over react to anything good or bad that happens in our lives. Control of emotions is important for a peaceful life. In other words, becoming over zealous when things go right and extremely unhappy when things do not go in our favour is not spiritually healthy. Everything happens for a good reason. Learn from each experience. Remove the ego and uncontrollable desires then one has peace.

Right Conduct.

This is about living rightly which means doing all our duties with love. Each one of us, in this world, are born with responsibilities. These can be found in the family, associates, work, society and country. If we do all that we have to do with love then we are living rightly. It is our approach to things that make the difference. For instance, it is our  divine duty to love and to cherish all our relationships. Our parents must be loved for giving us the opportunity to come into this world. The utmost respect must be paid to them unless they are encouraging wickedness to manifest in you or others. Then as partners in a relationship, we must respect and love each other till the end. However, to make all relationships work flexibility and tolerance of each other are required. No one is perfect.

Non Violence

There are different levels of violence. These appear at thought, word or deed level. Thinking bad thoughts about others are just as violent as saying bad things about them. However bad actions are always on top of the list. Using bad language is always unbecoming of a human being who in truth is Divine. These are demonic qualities and must not even be used in humor or anger. It is said that those who do not have control of their words will always have great difficulty in controlling their minds. These people will have a life that will always present itself as a struggle and will be extremely painful even if they seem to be wealthy. So control of ones life at mind level is of great importance. Happiness is union with God, says a great master of India. How can we ever be happy if we do not see the divine in others? Everyone is a spark of God. If you dislike or hate another you are hating God. How then can you ever be happy? "Seek not to harm another in thought, word or deed" is the secret to eternal happiness. It is the little actions of violence in us that has to be removed that will bring us to a state where our lives will be spiritually successful.


Practitioners of the heart of karate-do. It is the dream and the aspirations of everyone is to have a life of joy, peace and happiness. One does not have to do anything other than simple tasks to make life better than it is. A pebble dropped on the surface of a lake will make ripples far away. All our actions of goodness and that of self sacriface will in time be appreciated by others and will have a great affect on others later. Everyone wants a better world. So the journey starts with a single step. This step lies with each one of us. Martial arts is a brilliant form of art that can assist the world community to become better humans. We need to think deeply on how we affect the lives of others when we say or do things. Karate-do teachers us to become people of good character. These are the spiritual and the mental aspects, without these in the art will be no more. Past masters have always shared great messages to the martial arts community. These messages are not being taken seriously by many practitioners. Many feel karate is fighting and competiting. Who is there to compete or fight against for winning when we are all of the One energy. Bodies are different by life energy is One. What an individual does only affects that person. There maybe a tempory satifaction of evil joy when one does something wicked to another. In time, everything levels out. The law of Karma has been designed by a force greater than yourself to correct and cleam up. Who knows this journey fully to say where they have come from and where they are going to? There are many great teachers amongst us that do. Kancho believes in goodness and this he says guides us humans to live and be free, hurt no one, help everyone and love all of nature. His teacher Gogen Sensei was a great seeker of truth. He was very lucky to be at his side listening, he cannot say the same for others who sat at his side at that time. He can only talk for himself. Only by your actions one knows if you follow the teachings of great minds such as his teacher. 

   Some teachers however realized the importance of many of the practices of the past and are changing the mentality of those who they are associated with, to that of a righteous mentality. Goshin kan is one such school. It is the aspirations of Kancho Deena Naidu, who has dropped the pebble many years ago and through his reaching and also through his books many are opening their minds to this old concept in a new sort of way. People that have eyes and ears to experience the old righteous ways are once again seeking to learn from him. What he shares is not his own but the teaching that has been shared for centuries. 'Nothing that we share belongs to us', he says 'but for the whole world. For we are one. We one human community born as one human race. We have one God and we live on one Earth, in the one universe. All separations and divisions must be rejected from our thoughts, eliminated from our words and omitted from our actions. We are a community that needs to grow more to love each other daily. Past is past and it is the future that is important. What some body did to you and what they have said about you must be forgotten. We need to get back to a life where we can rely and trust each other and do things only for the benefit of mankind. We need to grow in peace with each other, practice our art with dedication, sincerity and for the purpose of defense, develop in wisdom in understanding of the greater aspects of life, treat each other with kindness and to love God always.'