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Thursday, 26 Apr 2018


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We trained and studied with the best in Japan. We trained primarily in Goju Ryu, but we also trained in Shotokan, Shitoryu, weapons , and Okinawan Goju. We were trained in Shintoism, Buddhism, and healing arts for dojo injuries.

We all lived in the dormitory at the school. We were often summoned at all times of the day and night to go down to the dojo for a special event or special training. Living and training together we all got to know each other very well. Deena Naidu was always a dedicated and conscientious student, and one of Master Gogen Yamaguchi’s favourites. The master always spoke well of him, and liked him very much. It was an arduous and difficult year, but soon it came to an end. Deena Naidu graduated with honours and Master Yamaguchi praised him as one of his better students. He was recognized as a good teacher, and a spiritual karate practioner.

Recently, he got in touch with me after over 25 years. We re-established our friendship, and met again in Canada while he was travelling in North America. It was wonderful seeing him and catching up after all these years. It was even better to find out that he had continued his lifelong study of karate, and taken his initial training and continued his growth, as he still does.

Deena Naidu, the man I knew in Japan has just grown and refined in the man I met in Victoria, Canada. I was proud to be his friend then, and even prouder to be his friend now.