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Saturday, 24 Mar 2018


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The name and it's Background

The name Goshin-kan means 'Home of Self Preservation'. This name came about after Kancho Deena Naidu qualified as a teacher of Goju-Ryu. He became the sixth graduate in the world of the Japan karate-do Goju-kai college Tokyo in 1976 under Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei. Gogen Sensei also had Goju-kan as a dojo name and Goshi Shihan, the son of Gogen Sensei had Goshin-kan as his dojo name. Kancho Deena Naidu wanted to have another name other than Goju kan for his organisation. There was a valid reason for this which was disclosed to Gogen Sensei and Goshi Shihan. On hearing this his teacher agreed on a name different to his.

A list of names was given to Kancho Deena Naidu to choose from by Gogen Sensei. He chose the name Goshin-kan which has the same English letters as Goshi Shihan's dojo however, different Japanese characters.Goshi Shihan dojo means "Home of strong spirit.' Kancho's Goshin Kan means 'Home of Self Preservation'.

Goshi Shihan was present when this decision was made and was happy for Kancho Deena Naidu to have this name. On many occasions, Goshi Shihan spoke proudly to both his students and others of the fact that Kancho Deena Naidu had the same name as his. They always had a special relationship and always had a great respect for each other.

Kancho Deena Naidu is intent on developing his art form and to live by its name. There is no doubt that everything happens for a reason and happens for the best. kancho always maintains that it is Divine Will that directs what happens in our school. Kancho maintains he is the servant of his students and God is his teacher and it was the invisible hand of God who directed kancho to Gogen Sensei to guide him.

He stongly believes that Karate is only for the purpose of Self Preservation. The dojo kuns, both senior and junior he formulated indicates this important aspect of Karate-do. Students  read this out daily to help them realise the true reasons of karate-do.which are ;

Self Preservation (physical), Self Discipline (mind) Self Enlightenment (spirit).

The original masters of this art had no other reason creating and developing this art form other than its intended purposes of self defense for body protection, mind control and spiritual development.

Kancho's teaches karate to lift his students to a great level of awareness. This means having a quality life style. His sole purpose as a teacher is to take on the role of a servant and provide the highest quality teachings. "My teacher" he said, " informed him to look after quality and quantity will look after itself.

Acknowledgment from Kancho Deena Naidu - I am indebted to those who have helped me:

My humble respects to God without you nothing is possible. My sincere thanks to Gogen Sensei for his profound teachings in many days of private guidance and lessons. To my former teacher Jam Mohan Sensei who set me on the path of karate-do.  The highly talented Goshi Yamaguchi Shihan for your many hours of effort in guiding me, I appreciate you generous kindness. The graceful and kindest Keihei Sakamoto Shihan for his kumite lessons. The caring and encouraging Wakako Shihan and Suji Sakamoto Shihan for the explanations and technical support. The strong Takahashi Shihan and my training colleagues Futawatari San, Iwanami San, Fukanuma San, Ohira San, Yamaguchi San, Iwan Pranatio and many of the others, you have motivated more than you understand and have made a good and great impact on my teaching skills.

My gratitude also extends to Sensei (s) Ian Mctavish, Larry Vorster, Nicky Pillay, Jessi Moodley, Bruce Anthony, Tino Cebrano, Rod Abrahams and my good friend Roland Parm who set me on this path. To my first group of South African students Sensei (s) Maniraj Singh, Robert Daniels, Deena Moodliar, Bridgelal, Lux Haridayal, Suresh Mahilal, Sivy Naidu, Maggi Naicker, Devan Krishna,Terry Naidu. To my first group in Australia, Sensei(s) Peter Zidan, John Milikovic, Steve Bonasin, Vee Moodley, Greg Beetson, Shane Beetson, and a whole lot more, far to many to name, you have helped me more than you know.

Thank you all for the support, guidance, encouragement and most of all the love you have shown me. Without you I would not been able to teach karate as I do with the result many thousands of people have benefited.

Name and System are one

Goshin kan is the name and system ( often referred to as style) of what we do. Self preservation has two words. Self is three parts - body, mind and spirit. Preservation here means to keep all three going on, to last, to keep safe. So our system of karate-do is about training the three parts of who we are to be safe and healthy for as long as humanly possible. To apply all the right ingredients possible to make this happen. Goshin kan is a way of living, acting, doing all the right things on all levels of consciousness.