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Saturday, 24 Mar 2018


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Open Invitation

We welcome teachers and students to join us in the traditional experience of Goshin-O (Self preservation way). It is said that our system brings back the past, gives a greater understanding of the present and prepares one for the future. It is one smart system that the closest to the true traditional way.

What makes Goshin Karate-do Different?

1) The daily training practices focuses on the nine aspects of karate-do.

2) The training approach is about developing the karate-ka holistically.

3) The human Values and Virtues program we have in place is about character development.

4) All kata is traditionally practiced as taught by the original Goju Kai system - Gogen Sensei's way.

5) Bunkai is fully explained with no make believe concepts.

6) We believe that each have every student has the ability to master karate in a short time.

7) Our step by step training methods shortens the time period for mastery of technique.

Earth School

We believe that this is the Earth School and we are here to learn, develop and grow. Join us and get the full advantage of what we offer in terms of knowledge and development.

The use of the internet and easy travel to world wide destinations in a short time gives us a great advantage of sharing information quickly. It is our intention to make it a worldwide system for all of humankind to benefit. Our karate family has grown to South Africa, India, Sri lanka and Australia..

It does not matter what style or art one has practiced. What is important is devotion to the art of defense. We also welcome ideas so that we can expand our horizons and develop this idea of defense even more. As long as it does not move away from the truth, which is defense.

Those who like what they understand from the article are welcome to join our organisation. Kancho Deena Naidu or representatives of our style are prepared to travel to any part of the world to guide and share with others our system.

We welcome teachers of other styles or systems to become part of our growing organisation. We are now choosing  people to be head of our organizations world wide. Please apply in writing or through e-mail if you have interest in joining and we are willing to do what ever it takes to assist you.

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The Importance of receiving the Correct Teaching in Martial Arts


Shihan Quentin

I started attending karate classes in 1975 to learn to defend myself after being stabbed with a knife by a group of gangsters in Cape Town. Prior to the stabbing incident, I trusted everyone’s friendliness and this incident made me aware of the importance of being more analytical of possible dangerous situations.

In Cape Town the club that I joined was small and very friendly but depended on the services of an instructor from another bigger club. It was a linear style and the instruction we received was basic which consisted of copying the instructor and other students' techniques. I later joined another bigger club which bases its techniques on the Goju Ryu style and had my first experiences of a circular, hard /soft system of karate.


When I joined Goshinkan, I was impressed by the friendliness, detail of tuition from Kancho as well as the helpful senior students, the quality and vastness of the syllabus. Techniques were shown to me like never before. I learnt about the importance of executing techniques that are efficient and in accordance with the correct biomechanics of the body. Correct body alignment is essential when exercising because this will build a healthy body free of injury especially later on in life. I am almost 54 now and the worst injury that I sustained was a broken leg whilst playing a competition soccer game when I was in year 11. I have never had an injury in the dojo which I believe is due to correct and safe training practice. Kancho always demonstrates the techniques utilising the correct body alignment and expects every student in the class to strive towards doing the techniques correctly too. One of Kancho’s many reminders is that straight techniques must be as straight as possible and round techniques must be as round as possible. Kancho has been taught by Saikoshihan Gogen Yamaguchi, a master of Goju Ryu who has been very prominent in further developing the Goju Ryu style in Japan to another level. He told Kancho to think about and analyse all techniques to make sure that they are always practical in their application.


Some karate techniques can demand a lot of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones in the body and if the techniques are repeatedly executed incorrectly, this can result in injuries and later in life body aliments like arthritis, aches and pains as well as great medical costs. Size is not as important as utilising the correct technique to overcome an adversary in a conflict situation which may be the last resort. The art was designed for the smaller and seemingly weaker person to protect themselves against bigger “bullies”. Goshinkan is an organisation where the level of your belt must stay on your waist and never get to your head. This is well modelled by Kancho who can easily be mistaken to be one of the black belts by a visitor to the dojo. Kancho is always very approachable to all students and parents alike. It is a club that encourages co-operation and not competition because we believe that when you work together in unity, you can achieve at a much higher level than the ego based individual. Egos are left outside every Goshinkan dojo and humility enters to engage in true and meaningful learning. The Goshinkan system is holistic and helps you develop physically, mentally and spiritually.


If you are interested to learn the Goju Ryu system as Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei intended it to be, you have two complimentary lessons and are welcome to visit one of the Goshinkan dojos to experience Kancho’s teaching.

Shihan Quentin


Through bad practice or poor instruction, it takes less than a moment to cause an injury, most times more than a month to cure it.

Kancho Deena Naidu