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Thursday, 26 Apr 2018


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Available for Download

The latest version of Taikyoku Kata

By Kancho Deena Naidu.
Just $6 US

Kata is Karate.

Proficiency in the art means what you learn must be affective. Every structure requires three parts, foundation, body and finish.
In kata too, there are three levels, basic, intermediate and advance. Basic kata forms the foundation of all kata. If this is not strong,
that which depends on it will crumble.

Take this opportunity of learning TAIKYOKU KATA from Kancho Deena Naidu one of the few graduate Instructors of Gogen
Yamaguchi Sensei. This Home study manual is made easy to learn, using simple steps and drawings. Any style can learn
this kata. You do not have to be a Goju practitioner to master this kata. It will enhance your karate abilities.

This training manual gives students the opportunity to improve their skills in the art of karate-do as traditionally practiced by
masters in the art. In order to become proficient in the art three important aspects are absolutely necessary. These are

Regular Correct Practice. (RCP)

The kata Booklet contains information on almost everything to do with first kata Taikyoku Jodan. It has step by step explanation
, including how to stand correctly so that the best balance can be achieved, and how to execute techniques in a way that gives
them power.

Enlightenment and Encouragement helps to improve performance. This first kata was designed by Kancho's teacher Gogen
Yamaguchi Sensei. Kancho has simplified the movements to make it easy for all students to learn. Booklet is divided into the
seven stages method with Full Pictures with explanations. Section and complete learning signed off by parents or teachers.

Our system of learning is providing a source of knowledge that is easy to follow, see and do. This accomplishment will be
acknowledged by yourselves as well as those who are the support mechanisms such as parents, grand parents, relatives,
fellow students and finally teachers.

Skill in defence requires a great deal of Patience, Practice and Perseverance (3 Ps). Anything we do with good education
and instruction leads us to better performance. Defence in Karate-do would only work if it becomes second nature. So it
is wise to love what you do; do it well and practice regularly. Most classes are twice a week, however home learning
can be done at anytime. Many students love karate and want to do well in it, that is the reason for producing this document
of learning.

If there is anything that you are not sure of, please do not hesitate to ask via e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Remember that RCP has three parts.

Regular is the Key to make it part of you.

Correct is what helps you with perfection.
Practice gives you confidence.