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Monday, 21 May 2018


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Information area.

Goshin Kan Dojos

Rooty Hill Public - Westminster Street,  Rooty Hill

  • Training days and Times - Monday and Wednesday 6:30 (Children) 7:30 Adults
  • Kancho Deena Naidu - Telephone 88246587 Mobile 0405 000 366
  • Shihan John Turton - Mobile 0422 451 962
  • Shihan Quentin Frankson - Mobile 0407 410 254

North Rocks Public - North Rocks Road, North Rocks

  • Training days and Times - Monday and Thursday 6:30 (Children)
  • Sensei Haydn Mobile 0419 332 755 Sensei Red Mobile 0433 430 504

Sherwood Ridge  Public - Rosebery Road, Kellyville

  • Training days and Times - Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 (Children) 7:30 Adults
  • Sensei Haydn Mobile 0419 332 755   Sensei Red Mobile 0433 430 504


Cambridge Gardens  Public - 34 Trinity Drive, Cambridge Gardens

  • Training days and Times - Monday 6:30 to 7.30 (Children)
  • Sensei Byron Frankson Mobile 0404053798
  • Shihan Quentin Frankson

Bethany Catholic Primary School - 34-38 William Howell Drive, Glenmore Park

  • Training days and Times - Thursday 6:30 to 7.30 (Children)
  • Sensei Byron Frankson Mobile 0404053798
  • Shihan Quentin Frankson



On the first day

1) Wear loose clothing, preferably track suit or Loose pants and shirt.

2) Cut toe and finger nails short.

3) Don't wear jewelery, watches, chains or anything that may cause injury to yourself or others.

4) Shoes are left at the entrance of the Dojo, wear something that can slip off easily.

5) People are friendly, please don't hesitate to ask questions if you are not sure of anything.

6) Bring a water bottle with water and mark your name on it.

7) The use of inappropriate language, loud and aggressive tones are prohibited.

8) Goshin kan provides karate uniforms and patches at a low cost.

9) When you line up for training always stand at end of the line, unless told to do otherwise.

Goshin kan is a traditional karate and self defence institution of learning that has karate teachers and not instructors as in a sports organisation. Each has a title and must be addressed by their titles.

Kancho - Head Teacher

Shihan - High level teacher (4th Dan and above)

Sensei - Teacher ( 3rd dan)

Nidan ( High level Trainer Teacher)

Shodan ( Lower level Teacher)

Sempai ( Senior student)



Junior Dojo Kun

1) We must respect our parents, teachers and elders

2) We think good, be good and do good.

3) We must practise karate for th purpose of self defence.

4) We must be proud of being part of Goshin kan.

Senior Dojo Kun

We practice karate for the purpose of Self preservation, Self discipline and Self control.

Our aim is to master Goshin kan karate, its ways and values.

Through its teachings, we endevour to respect all life, overcome fear and control desire.


We welcome everyone who are interested in our traditional concepts of karate-do. We acknowledge those, who are prepared to have a good go at learning karate and self defence, as champions. Our art involves strong physical training, strict discipline, high level of self control, learning of human values and karate virtues and it is not easy to develop these in a short time, however, we endeavour to assist those who struggle through learning this art. We do not single one student out as a champion over others - this is not our way. To kancho and all the teachers, everyone who trains is already a  champion by the mere fact of having a good go. If you have come to us to learn self defence the traditional karate way then it is what you going to receive.

Welcome again and please feel free to ask any question relating to karate.