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Saturday, 24 Mar 2018


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Spirituality for Beginners

Many modern day martial arts practitioners are not completely aware of spirituality except through their religious belief. Many feel that spirituality means training with a strong spirit. This is not true. Training hard has got nothing to do with spirituality. This is motivated by the mind to do well.

Spirituality is about recognizing and knowing our true essence.  In other words who and what we are. We are three parts which are body, mind and spirit.  This is called the human being.  However body and mind are not us. These are only instruments that allows us to operate in this physical dimension. It is there to cater for our physical wants and desires. Spirituality is relating to everyone else and knowing our place in terms of everything else on this planet, the universe, the cosmos and the spiritual dimensions of God.  Once people grasp this true understanding that we are spirit, then the view of everything changes. The most important aspect of life is to love. There is nothing more important than that. Within all of us we know that our real aspirations are to be in a state of peace, joy and happiness. Peace with everyone around us, joy in the environment and with the things we do and happiness in the fact that you have created a union with God.

In simple terms, spirituality is based on the five human values which are truth, love, peace, right conduct and non-violence.  The idea of these values are to stimulate, develop and expand the human consciousness into a state of the divine consciousness.  In truth, it is the human conscious that needs to grow and become self realised. The human being is limited in its understanding. However, through spiritual wisdom from its experiences, knowledge from Beings of a divine nature and through God working through people, humans will be encouraged to pursue  an understanding that goes beyond the human intellect. Many may ask what is the purpose to know all these things. All spiritual  spirits know that human life is on a journey. This journey has begun before the stages of man and will continue after and beyond the stages of man. In truth, life comes from God and goes to God. However, there are many stages in-between

Spirit is divine energy of God.  This energy embraces the whole of life which exists and appears non existence. The attributes of divinity are joy, happiness, love, peace, goodwill, truth etc. Once humans recognise the truth of his true nature, that is not just a mere person, then he will not succumb to the lower side of his nature.  His change of mentality will lead him to become a caring and forgiving human being. The lower nature is controlled by the mind whereas the higher nature is directed by the spirit. Human qualities that fall below the human line are that of animal instincts and even lower is demonism. These natures are jealousy, anger, greed, hate un-forgiveness etc. Above the human line is the cosmic consciousness and beyond that is God.

Spirituality is about moving the human intellect towards the brotherhood of man. The first step is Recognising, followed by Focus, next Feeling, followed by Knowing and finally Being. We first have to recognise that we are spirit. This is the spark of God. Then we learn to focus on the divine natures of ourselves. This will expand this tiny spark into a flame of goodness.  Then we need to feel that not only we are Divine, but everything and everyone one else is of the same essence. By constant practice and experiences this will lead us to knowing the truth. Then finally one will merge into the oneness of Being. This will not only make you a light of God but an example that many will follow. This is the Being aspect, a light of love in human form.

This article is not the complete understanding of spirituality however, it will give you a taste of what it means. However, one could learn more through the books Sensei Naidu has written or by joining the organization. It hopes to promote a clearer understanding of life and its purpose. It is Sensei's wish that we have a better world in the future by making our present life clearer through proper education. Martial arts is the love of his life and it is through this art, like all past masters, he wishes to promote and instill into the minds of people that life is greater than we imagine. He says that it must be filled with peace. However, effort must be made on our part to make all the necessary inquires if we have the desire to develop spiritually.

The Goshin-kan organisation is filled with love. Kancho shows by example that no one has to be treated with animosity no matter what they do. He has taught us to immediately forgive people who have wronged us in some way. In our organisation there are no politics and bickering. Everyone participates with the feeling that they are to learn not only the physical martial arts but the mental and spiritual aspects of it as well.

One cannot learn without being humble, which is the elimination of the ego. One cannot grow without accepting all experiences both good and bad as necessary for ones development. And finally one cannot fully merge into the consciousness of God with accepting everyone as ones brothers and sisters. When one accepts everyone and everything as part of himself then God will accept that person as part of Him.

It is the wish and dream of Kancho Deena Naidu to assist all martial arts teachers and students that are willing to change the world through martial arts and who are seeking to know the art at its deepest level. He welcomes anyone to join with him to make this possible. He requires people of good character and an interest in the art.