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Saturday, 24 Mar 2018


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The Art of Goshin kan - A Traditional Concept for Modern society

Kancho Deena Naidu has expanded and developed this art of Goshin-kan. He has in many ways traced back some of the old and ancient methods of Goju Ryu and included it into Goshin-kan.  Many of these techniques have been long forgotten by many teachers. This is because the martial arts are being streamed lined. However the Goshin kan method is the same as that of the past so that it can be used solely for the purpose of self preservation-body, self discipline-mind and self enlightenment-spirit.

Goshin-kan karate has twenty six systems and many subsections to its art. Unlike a lot of karate arts which bases itself on just four topics such as basics, moving, kata and kumite, Goshin kan has numerable methods for students to develop in and master. The reasons for this is that it gives the student a wide range of options to choose from according to their needs of defense at the time. Much of our information is in our training, teaching and devoping manuals. The first one is Students manual, the other is teachers manual, followed by masters manual. Other information is in books such as " Discovering martial Arts," "Budo-ka- true spiritual Warrior and Bushi Makuto. Informatiion can be easily accessible on this site to Goshin kan and Goshin kai members who register.

Self defense is not only about throwing punches, kicks and executing blocks. It is based on other factors of avoiding, forcing, breaking, rolling, holding, arm locking, pressurizing etc. If one's options are limited says Kancho Naidu, how then can a student develop the skill and the confidence to really defend themselves.

The mind has to be guided so that the body can perform according to what it has been taught. When one defends themselves, it is only what they have learnt that can be used. So if the subconscious mind has been taught correctly, then defense will be spontaneous.

The movements are fluid and yet hard and strong. It is real and it works. Kancho does not teach ideas that create false impressions and gives false hope. Most of the techniques are based on realism and practical methods. However, methods are all traditional.

Our bunkai training are real and workable and not make believe. All major kata such as Gekkisai, Saifa, Seiunchin, Sanseryu, Seisan etc can be down loaded from this site and its movements are all traditional, meaningful, practical and works.

Breathing Forms

Sanchin Kata - Yoing Breathing - Hard form

Tensho  Kata- Han Yoing Breathing - Soft Form

Shizen Kata - Yoing and Hanyoing Breating. - Hard and soft Form

These forms can be down loaded by members for home practice. These kata is for the development of health, peace of mind and Spiritual awareness. Doing these katas regularly moves you into three stages of development. The state of Awareness, the state of Becoming and the final state of Being. This is the final three aspects of karate-do.