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Saturday, 24 Mar 2018


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The style of Goshin-kan is found in its name. The original name was Goju Kai which means hard - soft association. This name belonged to Gogen (Yoshimi) Yamaguchi Sensei. Gogen Sensei had studied under Chojun Miyagi Sensei who had the name Goju-Ryu, which means hard soft style. Before that, it was known as Naha Te  which means hand of Naha, a city in Okinawa. Chojun Miyagi Sensei's teacher, Kanryo Higaonna Sensei, had studied the art in Southern China. Each of these masters have been very loyal and dedicated to the promotion of karate. They have developed the art even further and promoted it widely. Kancho Deena Naidu had been a devoted student of Gogen Sensei until his death. It is a fact. Many will confirm this. As a matter of fact he has a photo of Gogen Sensei in his dojo and pays respect to him daily. He trained very hard in the art of karate and like most dedicated practitioners does his best to live by its ethics. It is the politics of martial arts that has driven him away from the art that he loved the most, to promote his own system. It may be said that it was all the will of God, whom Kancho Deena Naidu strongly believes in, that had a hand in directing him to create his own style with human values. He says it quite openly that his teacher is God and to Him he owes everything. He also says God is directing his life everyday and filling him with knowledge that is shared with his students.

Goshin - kan is not just an art for defence. It is about self development and spiritual growth. We are not a religious organisation. We are about helping our students to develop confidence, become skilled in the art of defence, understand themselves more in terms of the roles they play in life and become an asset to every role they play.

Goshin kan has a huge syllabus with 29 sections and numerous sub sections. All this is designed to help our students in skills so that their defence become almost impenetrable.

Nine Aspects Of Goshin Kan karate

First Set -

Focus -  relates to the high level of concentration needed in both absorbing and delivery of karate-do techniques .

Speed - Relates to how quickly one can deliver these techniques.

Power - Relates to both strength of the student delivering and the force of the person.

Second Set

Balance - This comes from stances.

Technique - Knowledge and correct action

Timing  - When to execute,  Appropriate moment,


Third Set

Awareness  - understanding through education of all aspects of Goshin karate-do

Becoming - Putting into practice the education gathered through awareness.

Being  - Living the education, so it is part of you.