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Monday, 21 May 2018


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The aspirations of a true martial artist are the same as those  seeking the spiritual path; and that is to find truth. However, for the martial  artist, mastering physical techniques leads one to control the ever active mind  which in turn makes one spiritually aware. All three are necessary; the  physical, the mental and the spiritual. Without any one of these three it is not  martial arts.

My Great teacher Gogen Yamaguchi - The cat known by many,

to me a real master and a seeker of TRUTH

Picture at Japan Karate-do College in Tokyo, Japan in 1975


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Goshin Karate-do was born after I graduated at Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei's Semon Gaku College in Tokyo, Japan in 1976. Its parent is Goju- kai; before which it was Goju -Ryu; prior to that Naha-Te. In terms of physical techniques there is a close correlation with ours and that of all systems. Goshin Karate-do has a huge wealth of knowledge. This is found in Goshinkan's karate-do 29 training systems. Many karate organisations base their training on just four systems namely; Basics, Moving techniques, Kata and Kumite.
Goshin karate-do has a Human Values programme for both adults and children that is based on Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence. This program called Educare educating students about caring for family, friends and humanity as a whole, as well as the environment.
The reasons are simple; to improve the nature of our students so that they become better role models, to encourage students to lead disciplined lives, so that self control takes priority in all challenges that they face and finally lead by example.

If you need to contact Kancho you can do so via:

Mobile: +61405000366

Email: kancho @ goshinkankarate.com